On a lighter note…

There was a full size marching band playing in the city centre today. Nice change of scenery. Somehow I can’t help but think that this sort of entertainment is somewhat lost on the Pompey population. But we live in hope. Honest.

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I’ve been sat in the office for exactly 25 minutes. My motivation is all but gone, and my attention is now drawn to writing something in here. Maybe all these years of education have slowly been grinding down my attention span. In a few years I’ll be lucky if I can lift some food from a plate to my mouth before losing interest.

Oh well, time to soldier on. I’ve got a dissertation to write and a database to create which, despite wishing really really hard, are just too lazy to do it themselves. Oh, wait.

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Well I find myself looking for things to talk about now that this is here, even though it’s just intended for my thoughts. Am I that devoid of anything real running through this hat rack?

Oh well, time to sleep. Umm again tomorrow for more mind numbing work. Another day, another…. Oh wait I’m not being paid a penny for this FULL TIME placement!

Goodnight. Me.

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Let’s dive right in.

Well I took a nice stroll home from work earlier, in the rain, with just a shirt on (but that’s another rant). A voice came into earshot as I was walking down a back road, so I looked up, and there was one man walking towards me. Now I don’t usually like to judge people, and I don’t think I scare easily. But this particular man had to be given a very wide berth as he passed. There was just something about him.

Maybe it was that he was shouting at himself calling himself a ‘fucking pedo’.


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Hello blogging world

Hi all. My name is Troy, and I currently live in the south coast of England. I say south coast because I am in Portsmouth but will soon be in Bournemouth. Gotta love moving around. I am moving because I will be finishing my MA here in Pompey. So on to a new world of work (and living with the parents while I attempt to pay off this frankly ridiculous loan).

Anyway I thought I’d give this whole blogging thing a go. I do like to express my views and tell people about what I do and see on a daily basis. I have been recently inspired by a Tom Reynolds (that’s his blogging pseudonym) and his blogging about his work as a London Ambulance EMT. If you haven’t read this then I urge you to do so. I will post a link soon.

Anyway, this is really going to be a place to capture my thoughts. I am quite a quiet and solitary person at the moment, much against my wishes. So this will be a place to get what I’m thinking out. I’m not expecting anyone to read it, but if you do then say hello.

That’s it for now, I may return later to tell you about some of the events from my day. For now I will enjoy being inside while it’s raining out, always a nice cosy feeling.

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